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The Flying Pyramid

Cairo. Egypt.
Shooting Positions:
Roof Building
Shooting/ Recording tool:
Panasonic Video Camera
Shooting Time
: Date September 13 , 2007
                          From 05.54 am till 06.51 am.
Total Recorded Time
: 0.57 h ( approx. One hour ).
Orbit :
East of the city , moving in stable orbit and direction from lower altitude to higher altitude mainly to southeast , near the eastern desert of the city

Remarks: Started to be appear by optical vision like a big bright glowing star far from any nebula , but was noticed it takes a very lower altitude in the beginning and moving up and up by the time passing. When started to recording noticed it was like normal UFO and by the days lights it was taking the shape of FLYING PYRAMID , as shown on the film. Noticed also many airliners with different types passing in the same area and all were heading to Cairo International Airport , and were preparing for landing , but all were unaffected , every thing was top normal

Please see more details published on the world wide web site :-www.ufoarea.com by the famous Author & Researcher Ms. Ellen Lloyd. Under our case :-Unusual UFO Captured on Video Over Egypt.

See also our case mentioned on YouTube :- Egyptian UFO They're Here- Proof On Film



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